Animemes: Anime Memes and You!

What do you get when you cross anime with memes? Animemes! Explore the latest and greatest in anime meme production, proliferation, and consumption!

With the internet enabling more and more anime fans to share their love for anime every day, it becomes essential to understand the vehicles and devices underlying the global advancement of otaku culture. More specifically, we examine and critique the ways in which memes have shaped online as well as offline anime tastes, opinion, and dialogue. Join us as we talk anime, memes, and how they relate to you!

About us

Animemes: Anime Memes and You! is a popular panel we host at various anime conventions throughout the year. We debuted at Fanimecon 2017 with great success, and have enjoyed growth in the number of attendees as well as overall panel satisfaction. In Animemes: Anime Memes and You! we start with the history of memes, how they have been influenced by the advent of social networks and public forms, as well as the way memes shape discourse and dialogue of the modern anime community. We then analyze case studies in which memes have greatly influenced specific anime fandoms and we use this analysis to further an understanding of how anime memes shape our every day lives. Finally, we hold a Q&A session where all public participation is encouraged!

While this is a panel suitable for all ages, we feel the academic nature of our panel may appeal to older, more mature audiences. However, we encourage people of all ages to attend! Our only hope is to educate and entertain you about the nature of animemes.

We hope to see you at our panel soon!

Many attendees have asked us for the slides in our presentation. You can find them here.