We're having a panel at SacAnime!


With the internet enabling more and more anime fans to share their love for anime every day, it becomes essential to understand the vehicles and devices underlying the global advancement of otaku culture. More specifically, we examine and critique the ways in which memes have shaped online as well as offline anime tastes, opinion, and dialogue. Join us as we talk anime, memes, and how they relate to you!

We will present a brief history of memes in online fan culture. We will then transition that into the way online social networks as well as public forums have adopted memes in the context of anime. We plan to then explore how these memes have shaped and molded both the population as well as dialogue of the anime community. We will analyze case studies in which memes have greatly influenced specific anime fandoms and we will use our analysis to determine general ideas on how anime meme culture can describe the communities to which they belong.

We hope that guests will walk away with an increased appreciation and awareness of meme culture in anime. Additionally, we wish that guests leaving this panel will gain an understanding in how to apply their knowledge of memes to ensure the health and stability of their own communities and micro-communities.

Join us as we talk anime, memes, and you!

Friday January 5th at 5:30pm at the Sacramento Convention Center room 317/318